Uninsured Services

An uninsured service is something that Alberta Health Care does not cover.
Our clinic charges you or a third party (such as your employer) for these services.

Prices are subject to change.

Such as:

1. Drivers Medicals
          - Class 1 and 2  - $150
          - Class 3,4 and 5 and Mandatory Registry Drivers Medicals  -  $100

 2. Doctor’s note for school or work - $20

3. Third party medical 
           - with labs  - $140
           - without labs -  $100

4. With effect Jan 1 2017 Wart treatments are $5.00

5. Forms that the doctor has completed for you  - $55

6. Prescription over the phone for a patient with a family doctor here  - $50

7. Chart transfer to another doctor's office is $75 and $10 for every additional family member wishing to have their charts transferred at the same time.  

8. Visit for non-residents - $100

9. Patients from Quebec must pay for office visits - $70

For a full list of our Uninsured Services please contact our Legal Department.

Not showing for an appointment could result in a charge of $37 for a regular office visit or between $50-$100 for a complete physical, Please do give us 1 business day notice if you are unable to make your appointment. This way you won’t get charged and we can give the appointment to another patient that needs it.

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